This series of fused glass pieces expresses how I have come through major life changes of the last four years. 
I’ve realized that dissolution and loss can allow us to lighten and rise. In order to overcome obstacles and fulfill our potential, we may need to shed pieces of our transient selves. 
It can happen from a fracture or from an invitation; by grasping too tightly, or by letting go. We are recomposed in the break, drift and current of change.
Dissolve to Rise: The Invitation
Dissolve to Rise: Fracture
Dissolve to Rise: Starlight
Dissolve to Rise: Grasping
Dissolve to Rise: Uplift
Dissolve to Rise: The Path
Fused glass, series in progress, 2018-19
Dissolve to Rise: Uplift (8” by 10” with mixed media background, December 2018) will be on display and available for purchase at the Big Canoe Wellness Center, June 6-September 5.
Dissolve to Rise; The Invitation (6” by 8” with mixed media background, September 2018), Dissolve to Rise: Grasping (8” by 10”, November 2018), Dissolve to Rise: Fracture (8” by 10”, December 2018) and Dissolve to Rise: Starlight (8” by 10”, December 2018) are in private collections.
Dissolve to Rise: The Path (10” by 16”, February 2019) is available from the artist. 
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