Along the Chattahoochee
Cast glass from 3D terrain map 
14" x 12" x 1.5"
Displayed with stained glass base for color effects
On exhibit at Bowen Center for the Arts, Dawsonville GA, May 14-June 17

My new series of cast glass explores the rich geography of Georgia in a way that invites a closer relationship with the land, water and mountains. 
These pieces are made from terrain maps, which are converted to digital files and 3D printed. The print is used to create a mold, and glass is cast into the mold.
The intersection of art and technology gives us the means to understand our planet in a more tactile way. We can read the land with our fingertips, like Braille for our impaired comprehension.
I used clear glass for Along the Chattahoochee, so that its mood can change depending on the lighting and base color. Every ridge and valley becomes a diamond facet, capturing my sense of wonder with the Chattahoochee River and all it passes through. 
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