If you can imagine it in glass, you can make it in our kilns.

Glass: You can carve, fuse, shape, paint and cast it. The place to learn is at Georgia's largest kilnformed glass studio, just outside Decatur, GA.
You can take workshops, do collaborative projects and have private lessons in this professional 1,800 square foot studio. We have two large kilns, custom-built for advanced techniques: a 32″ x 64″ casting bed and a 40″ x 72″ sandbed. We also have three other kilns for smaller works and ceramics.
All the coldworking essentials are here, too: sandblaster, tile saw, drill press, flat lap grinder, angle grinder, wet belt sander, hand finishing tools. 
Our inventory of Bullseye and Spectrum sheet glass, frit, stringers and billet will expand your horizons of what’s possible.
See below for our rate sheet.

We offer workshops in glass casting, sandcarving, and other techniques that you won't find at other glass studios locally. You can sign up here to receive early notification as each one is scheduled.
If there’s something else you’d like to learn, contact us about collaborative projects or private lessons. 
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