What if you could change your life by changing the view?
That's the idea behind my artistic glass, Carved Light, now available for windows of nearly any size. 
No matter how uninspiring the view, Carved Light glass can change your outlook. And when you gain a different perspective, new attitudes and actions follow.
Below: An old door on an industrial building got a fast makeover with Carved Light glass. The texture of the glass creates privacy, and the exterior reflects sky and clouds. And from the inside, the formerly dark office is flooded with natural light and mirthful figures.
In this window, a thinner glass admits even more light, while still decorating the view with its figures and texture:
Endless variety in textures and shapes - all possible with Carved Light glass.
An old window frame was remade into artwork that changes with the passing hours of daylight and the colors of the seasons:

Any view can be transformed with Carved Light glass. 
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